Shinola - The Runwell Turntable (USA, 2016)

Shinola is an American luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2011 and which specializes in watches, bicycles, and leather goods among other items.

The Runwell turntable marks the first release from the new Shinola Audio division of the Detroit-based company.

The Runwell and Shinola Audio division is spearheaded by Alex Rosson, founder of Audeze, with the turntable made possible thanks to a partnership with industry turntable manufacturer, VPI Industries. Assembled at the Shinola flagship store in Detroit, and with materials sourced from MDI precision metal manufacturing in New Jersey for steel and aluminum components and American Board Assembly of Southern California for the custom electronics, the $2,500 audio component represents the company’s made in America ethos.

Delivering high-quality performance in a classic plug-and-play unit, the Runwell Turntable comes complete with a friction-free all-metal tonearm, a modular phono preamplifier and a custom-built moving magnet phono cartridge. Solid steel and aluminum machined components sit atop a sleek wooden base of oak, exemplifying the Shinola modern American aesthetic.

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