Le Tallec - Stad 1 (France, 1982)

Jean-Francois Le Tallec was a french manufacturer of glass plattered turntables with AC synchronous motors.

The stad 1 is a high end turntables from the 80's with a unique style.

The turntable has an heavy basis filled with a concrete-like material to absorv all vibrations and provide high inertia.

Platter is made of to independant glass platter connected by silicon pads.

The motor is a synchronous motor and the specifications show a very low figure for wow and flutter (.08%) and a good signal-to-noise ratio (~ 65dB).

The resistance against the aerial and structural vibrations is very good.

A test of the Stad 1 in a swiss magazine gave confirmation of specs too and noted also a very good sound (with Dynavector arm and Clearaudio cartridge): stable, linear and dimensional with good relief and that special quality, that good heavy turntables are noted for.

The Stad 1 will stay as the best sounding french modern turntable, served by its double deck platter, its inspired Rega technique approach, incredible feet and disc stabilizer.

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