Clearaudio – Master Reference (Germany, 2006)

Clearaudio Electronic GmbH of Germany is a manufacturer of high fidelity audio products. Formed in 1978, their primary focus is on vinyl turntables and related products such as cartridges. One of the particularly recognisable traits of a Clearaudio turntable are their transparent (or in some models translucent) acrylic components. The more expensive turntables showcase parallel tracking rather than pivot based tone arms.

The Clearaudio Master Reference turntable is the just right pick if you are serious about aesthetics and audio. The turntable is hand-made in Germany and boasts a range of innovative features including APG (Accurate Power Generator) motor control system, master reference chassis, a master TQ-I tone arm and unique “Side-Force-Free” triple motor and belt drive system. The master reference turntable is also available in various other models and is considered by many leading audio magazines, including “The Absolute Sound”, “Stereoplay” and “Hifi +” as the best turntable on the marker. Superb mechanical design and precise production provide the foundation for a cohesive, dynamic sound throughout the complete musical spectrum.

This turntable is in the top 10 of the word's expensive turntables, it’s yours for 19,000$.

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