Micro Seiki – DDX 1000 (Japan, 1976)

Micro Seiki had its roots as a fine-mechanical company in Japan founded in 1961 and specialized itself in building turntables and tonearms in the early 70s.

When introduced in 1976 the Micro DDX-1000 soon became the darling of all HiFi-journalists with its unique possibility to mount up to three tonearms that made comparing arms and carts a breeze.

In the beginning of the 80s Micro buried their Direct Drives but continued to produce monstrous Belt-Drive decks like the RX-5000.

Indeed, the three large insulators of the DDX-1000 form a unique absorber mechanism that not only eliminates entirely the hazards of external vibration, but also serves to isolate the arm from the turntable.

Up to three high quality arms may be mounted simultaneously, and tonearms are interchanged easily and quickly.

The power supply and transformer are completely isolated in a separate control unit, thus eliminating any feedback or hum interference.

These unique design concepts have been exhaustively researched and tested by Micro Seiki engineers.

All the manufacturing and assembly stages conform to the highest quality standards in order to produce this definitive turntable system.

The result is surely that the DDX-1000 was, at that time, one of the finest turntables available with absolutely superb mechanical stability and precision.

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