Bourdereau - TD 110 (France, 1961)

When I was visiting the flea market of St Ouen near Paris during the last winter holidays, I noticed the Bourdereau TD 110 turntable.

I knew the Bourdereau brand but I have never saw real model before.

Boudereau was a company specialized in the manufacturing of electronic equipment for film and broadcast turntables.

Based on the Belleville street in the 20th district of Paris, the company stopped their activities at the end of the sixties.

The TD 110 was built in 1961 and according to the specifications of the french broadcasting RTF. Very Robust, she was designed to operate ‎7 days out of 7 and weighed almost 100 kg.

The turntable was powered by a Jumeau motor and had a tube amplifier in a rack drawer to send the signal directly to a mixing console.

The arm measured 35 cm and could receive a Pierre Clément cartridge.

In 1975, the TD 110 became outdated and was replaced by the Schlumberger or the EMT turntables in the french broadcasting.

Today, this model is too rare for the turntable collectors, there are maybe less than 5 copies who function. For example, the model that I saw at the flea market (serial number #6) was not for sale but for rent.

Bourdereau TD110.JPG

If a day, you see this turntable for sale in a flea market, please contact me !

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