Full Circle.jpg

October 5, Full Circle Battle, Montreal

Under Pressure.jpg

August 11, Under Pressure Graffiti Festival, Montreal

Vinyl Mix Session.jpg

June 8, Vinyl Mix Session @ 180g, Montreal

Block Party Place des Arts.jpg

May 4, Block Party Place des Arts, Montreal



August 12th, Under Pressure Graffiti Festival, Montreal


June 8th, TDM 5 years anniversary, Montreal

May 19th, Samedi Funky, Montreal

March 23th, The Storm Dance Battle, Halifax

January 6th, Boom Bap HipHop Night, Bangkok

January 12th, Illvillns DJ Crew, Seoul


November 18th, Can I Get A Soul Clap Battle, Montreal

August 14th, Spinny Grooves, Playa Del Carmen

May 26th, You Dig ?, Toronto

May 5th, Breakout 2017, Montreal

April 15th, Head Nod Suite, Detroit

March 4th, Nuit Blanche, Montreal

January 21th, Kiff Your Style Battle, Montreal


September 2nd, The French Connection, Cleveland

August 21th, Jackalope Action Sports Festival, Montreal

August 13th-14th, Under Pressure Graffiti Festival, Montreal

July 16th, The Night Of The Old School, Paris

May 5, Jam Session, Montreal

April 6, Earn Your Stripes Vol.2, Montreal

February 27, Nuit Blanche, Montreal


December 12th, Montreal Bboying 10 year anniversary

August 14th, Emporium, Chicago

August 8th-9th, Under Pressure Graffiti Festival, Montreal


July 3rd, Boombox Party, Toronto


May 16th, Good Life, Boston



December 29th, Vinyl Session Dopeness in 2014, Berlin

November 21th, Cypher, Montréal

October 18th, BoomBap Elements #3, Montréal

August 9-10th, Under Pressure, Montréal

July 19th,  BoomBap Elements #2, Montréal

June 28th, You Dig?, Toronto

June 7th, Earn Your Stripes, Montréal

May 17th, BoomBap Elements, Montréal

April 5th, South Flavor Jam 3, Carignan

March 1st, Nuit Blanche, Montréal