Originally from Paris suburbs, Benito met Hip Hop culture in the early 90's while listening to mixtapes and admiring the graffiti in the abandoned plants in his neighborhood. In 1998 he discovered deejaying during the DMC worldwide final in Paris and quickly acquired his own turntables. His influences, going from Hip Hop to jazz through soul and funk, led him to release in 2008 his first mixtape dedicated to the American beatmaker J.Rawls. He then organized Open Wax parties in Paris with the Natives Songs DJ crew of which he is the founder with Mr Bee. In 2011 Benito moved to Montreal, continuing digging for records and approaching the b-boy scene. He regularly plays in breakdance battles in Montreal and various DJ set in cities like Detroit, Berlin or Bangkok when he travels. In 2016 he joined Uglypitch Records, a Hip Hop label founded by Sqreeb with whom he released the FlashKick beat tape, an instrumental project dedicated to the breakdance community in collaboration with Adidas Originals Montreal.